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At CharDes, we can assist your company with the Human Resources Solutions that you need. Our Skills Development, Employment Equity and B-BBEE initiatives go hand in hand to offer you complete HR Solutions.

In many organisations it is in the best interest of the company and its employees to make use of an external Skills Development Facilitator. In this way they will receive professional human resources assistance, as we are updated on new developments at the SETA’s on a daily basis.

We operate in all industries, specialising in small businesses where training and skills development are not part of your core business and due to limited staff, do not have the necessary expertise to apply for the grant reimbursements, or benefit from the Legislation. Non-core elements such as these can become costly and time-consuming to manage, and while they are necessary to your organisation’s growth and development, can detract from your core business and weaken your focus on doing what you do best.

The outsourcing of these HR functions is beneficial in a number of ways.

Benefits of HR Outsourcing:

  • Decreases the expenses associated with permanent staff, such as medical aid, pension, bonuses and car allowances;
  • Offers access to service providers who are specialists in their fields;
  • Flexible solutions: Trainers come to you, wherever your business/branch is located;
  • Fixed term contracts are renewable;
  • Contracts include service level agreements beneficial to both parties;
  • We help you not only comply with HR standards, but exceed them.

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Let us align your business objectives with our human resource solutions platform.

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We also offer training via our Seta accredited training company, MPower Training Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

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We appreciate the value of the Skills Development Legislation and are committed to the process of Skills Development and Employment Equity. We believe that human potential should be maximised and individuals empowered through skills development. We believe that a combined effort from the SETA’s and Skills Development Facilitators will go a long way towards reaching the government’s long term goals on education and training.

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